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How To Seek Compensation After A Slip-And-Fall

Many people underestimate the damage a slip-and-fall can cause for a victim. Uneven walkways, icy paths, unattended spills and other hazards can result in life-changing injuries. When a property owner fails to remove or repair the hazard that caused your fall and injuries, they should be liable for the cost of your damages.

Since the 1980s at our offices in Passaic, our lawyers at Weiner Mazzei LLC, have been helping clients through their personal injury claims. Our New Jersey attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in need, and we are prepared to offer you the commitment, respect and skill you need.

What Our Attorneys Can Do For You

Insurance companies are often quick to convince you not to involve an attorney and accept a settlement that is actually less than you deserve. Our lawyers know how to determine exactly what you deserve for compensation, and we are prepared to use our full negotiation and litigation abilities to help you.

Our team is also fluent in New Jersey’s comparative negligence law, which requires the party filing for compensation to be less liable for their injuries than the defendant.

We thoroughly review every case we take, consult with expert witnesses and gather the documents and other evidence necessary to approach your case with our best effort.  You can rest easy knowing we are exploring all available options of defending your best interests.

A Law Firm You Can Depend On

Juggling your health with a personal injury claim can result in getting the worst outcomes in both. Instead, let us handle your case while you focus on recovering. Call Weiner Mazzei LLC at 973-869-5933 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.